UK Doctors Creating a New Type of Drug Using Artificial Intelligence


Traditionally, machines can never replace how human functions. But, if we put it in a futuristic post-climate change society, any artificial machines being designed to resemble humans can be programmed to perform high-volume, repeatable tasks that humans can’t normally perform.

What is Artificial Intelligence? defines Artificial intelligence or what we call AI is the act of stimulating human intelligence with the use of machines, mostly especially computer systems. It also includes the process of deep learning which brought an enormous modification to drug discovery science.

How did AI become part of the drug discovery?

Integration of AI in the drug discovery started with the competition called “the protein folding problem” joined by hundreds of scientists, wherein, if solved, can make the creation of new medicines smooth-running. The said contest was won by DeepMind who introduced the use of artificial intelligence in creating a new type of drugs.

They tried to predict the physical structure of a protein – its shape in three dimensions. Through the deep learning used by DeepMind, they made a prediction using neural networks to detect the shape of the protein. Thus, they once again proved the efficacy of AI.

According to them, just because AI involves the use of the machines, it doesn’t mean chemists will soon lose their jobs in drug discovery. There are concerns around the loss of the ‘human touch’ in such an essential and people-focused profession. But, it has to be clear that through the use of AI, chemists will just be assisted well to speed up the discovery of drug and to address those diseases that do not have cures yet in a faster time.

How is artificial intelligence used in creating a new type of drugs? Is it safe to take drugs created through the use of AI?

Some are still skeptical in medicines produced through the aid of AI just because they thought it is computer-made. Many people show immediate inclination in just the slightest innovation in everything. But, if we can think of, there are already a lot of incredible technologies made to enhance the medical field.

Medical records and data are already digitized, appointments can now be booked online, patients can visit or acquire information on a health center, hospital, or clinic just by using their computers or phones, and even passing a drug test can be done online to a certain degree. Due to abovementioned, we cannot stop the use of AI in creating the new type of drugs especially now that it starts to prove its own worth through DeepMind.

Creating drugs through AI underwent a lot of phases in proving that it really works. Stating so, more safe and effective drugs can be created. Plus, with the use of AI, drug discovery becomes fasters and manual tasks are going to be reduced significantly. Because of this, it also presents the opportunity for us to move towards a more precise, effective, and powerful drug to help better our future.



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