Twinning Groups in Taunton Receives Funding Proposals

Twinning Groups in Taunton Receives Funding Proposals
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Maintaining Taunton’s relations with French and German towns is highly crucial as reiterated by an ex-district mayor.

Dave Durdan, representative of the Friends of the Twinning Group of Konigslutter, retorted to the criticism on funding suggestions. The latter involves modifying how the Taunton twinning groups will be sponsored.

Up to this time, the former Deane Borough Council of Taunton provides an annual grant of £1,000 to the linkage with the town of Lisieux in France but does not give any funding to the German connection. They also fund £1,500 annually for expenses on visitation receptions to the district.

However, the new Council of Somerset West and Taunton ceased supporting the said relations. The said twinning groups have been perceived as unfair in other areas of West Somerset and Taunton that are not given the council’s financial resources.

Meanwhile, the meeting conducted by the Taunton Charter Trustees’ on the 2nd of October 2019 (Wednesday) came up with a proposal of a £1,000-yearly budget for each of the twinning associations. Then, another £1,500 shall be awarded to the group who will be hosting the visit. The funding would be drawn from the council taxes levied on individuals residing in areas with no local councils in Taunton.

One senior citizen expressed his great disapproval of the said proposal. He emphasized that the tax imposed on him to support these twinning ventures is a luxury and is truly unfair. For him, it would be best if the charges will be spread between more individuals including those living in areas with local councils.

Nevertheless, the Friends of Konigslutter emphasized that they had always secured their own monetary allocation through fundraising events. They have also been paying for their own travel expenses.

Maintaining relations with Brexit is indeed vital to the government as it allows a bench for goodwill and more business associations.

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