Torquay United to Only Sign Players That Conform to the Club’s DNA

Torquay United to Only Sign Players That Conform to the Club’s DNA

Torquay United are currently at the top of their fifth tier with 11 points. They have managed this victory despite conceding defeat on Saturday. They conceded two late goals and lost to Yeovil Town. Winning against Yeovil Town would have earned them more points and a step higher in the tier.

While speaking to the BBC Radio Devon, Torquay United’s manager Gary Johnson expressed a lot of confidence in his squad. He however noted that they may need to add a few more players. He said that signing in players will be dependent on how many injured lads they have and how long they will be out.

According to Gary, the team is always looking to sign in more players. They are however categorical about the players they need. The eligible players are those that blend in well with the rest of the team. The more compatible the new players are with the other team members, the more they are likely to score.

Torquay united national league against Solihull Moor was expected to take place on Tuesday night. During this game, Torquay united would have accumulated or lost more points, affecting their position in the tier.

The game was, however, postponed due to a new Covid-19 case that was reported within the first team of the Moors. A new date for the fixture is expected to be announced soon.

Torquay united has also sent their best wishes to the Moors through their website. Additionally, they have sent their gratitude note to all their season ticket holders and acknowledged the Yellow Army for boosting their players and staff.

The club further thanked their supporters who found time to attend their games in the stadium. According to the club, their supporters have played a huge role in inspiring their players to produce the best performances.

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