Torquay United Boss Gary Johnson Showers Praises To The Gulls

Torquay United Boss Gary Johnson Showers Praises To The Gulls
Santeri Viinamaki / Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday night, a match between Maiden United and Torquay United was thought to be 0-4 ahead of their half time by the Torquay United general manager Gary Johnson. The intensity of the first 20 minutes convinced him of his cosmic side wins.

With all the expectations, Torquay United managed to grab a win of 2-1 which put them at the top of the table with more five points, and third place with 11 points on the team. Excellent 31 points from the maximum 35 points were accumulated by the group, a win in 10 of the total 12 and a draw in one.

The success all kicks up for a good start in the history of the club. In the 45th minute, an exceptional player Ben Whitfield scored a goal, and Danny Wright managed to achieve the second goal that ensured the team’s victory in the second half.

Torquay United took the trophy home with striker Wright, midfielder playmaker Connor Lemonheigh-Evans and skilled Asa Hall suffering slight injuries.

Johnson said that the way his cosmic side played football deserved a 4-0 score because of how they frustrated their opponents in the first 20 minutes. He went on to add that his team put in a lot of effort that needed them to be 4-0 up.

Gary congratulated their opponents for putting up a good defence. He also expressed his joy of scoring before halftime that psyched up their supporters.

Gary thanked Danny Wright for being involved, despite being on the treatment table for a couple of days before the beginning of the match. Gary also expressed his gratitude to Connor, whose pain threshold was unbelievable and Asa, who took a direct killer for going beyond their limits to respond to their duty call.

The Gull is full of talented players who can play more than one position. Johnson went on to say that it is always a club thing and he feels nice to be at the top of the league.

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