The War On Diesel | What It Means If You Are A Diesel User


Diesel is dirty, there is no getting around it.

Yet, there are many people that rely on that cheap and efficient fuel and will have a hard time making a switch.

So, how far off is the day when diesel is phased out completely? Will it ever be phased out?

This is a question that a lot of people are looking to have answered. Will diesel be phased out completely? What will happen to those that rely on diesel vehicles for work and commercial purposes?

How Long Until Diesel is Phased Out?

The UK government has put a deadline of 2032 as being the last year that petrol and diesel cars can be bought. And all cars by 2040 will have to be 0 emissions.

With the losses in court over its failure to curtail nitrogen dioxide levels, the government is in a hurry to make sure that the deadline is reached.

Even before the total ban on petrol and diesel comes, drivers are already getting the feeling that they are not wanted.

Cities like Bristol are forbidding diesel vehicles from driving in the city center. And many other cities will be following suit. Soon, it won’t just be diesel vehicles, but all combustion engines.

What About Red Diesel?

Drivers who need to use red diesel have a cause for concern. Driving commercial or off-road vehicles get a massive tax break by using reduced tax red diesel. These include tractors, mining machines and a host of other big vehicles.

Will they need to buy a new tractor or vehicle that runs on electricity? For now, it looks like the total ban is only for cars, trucks and vans that run on the road.

The current plan will still allow for heavy machinery to use diesel.

The question mark is whether red diesel will still be available to reduce the cost of doing business. There may be a cutoff point in which diesel will no longer qualify for reduced taxes. If the alternative is having to buy a new vehicle then many business owners will likely accept that as a trade off.

Why The Ban?

Global warming seems like the obvious reason for creating a ban on combustion vehicles. That is a worthy cause, but not the sole reason.

On a local level, the air quality in the UK is very poor. Besides the ban on combustion vehicles there are other steps being taken to improve air quality in the meantime. Reprogramming of traffic lights to reduce the time cars will idle, retrofitting taxis and a green bus fund are all on the table to clean up the air.

It seems that the days of combustion engines are numbered. As electric vehicle technology continues to improve, then that 2040 date may be met even sooner. People do want a cleaner alternative. If electric cars can eventually do everything that a combustion engine can, then they can easily take over without missing a beat.


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