The UK South West has Voted: Top-Rated Career Choices Of 2019

The UK South West has Voted: Top-Rated Career Choices Of 2019

Professionals that have invested their efforts into top career choices will find rewards in high salaries and vast opportunities. While experts have predicted a massive increase in the demand for certain professions, certain attractive aspects make a career a top choice. Avoiding the worst-rated jobs may be a daunting fear for several students confronting a career decision. When taking into account that several industries will no longer be viable as a result of the technology sector taking over, students are encouraged to opt for careers that can offer job security. According to recent statistics and with consideration to annual salary, job security, and employee satisfaction, these are the best careers to opt for in 2019.

Software Development

For a second consecutive year software development ranks as the number one job of the year. Realistically this is likely the result of the ever-growing technology industry. When considering that software developers have an attractive annual salary that outshines the vast majority of other professions students around the world obtaining relevant degrees, have an incredibly bright future. In addition to a high salary expectancy, professionals in this industry are highly unlikely ever to confront job search disappointment.


Students with an undeniable knack for math and gathering data can flourish as statisticians in the business sector. Ranked at number two, these professionals are incredibly valuable to virtually every type of business. The pleasingly low unemployment rate ensures that professionals dedicated to this career choice can take advantage of job security for years to come. Students seeking to dedicate their efforts to join the working force can obtain access to higher education diploma if they do not have a formal qualification, which will ensure that students can pursue a relevant degree in economics, computer sciences, or mathematics.

Physicians Assistant

The healthcare industry may not entice everyone as only a select few can handle the challenged of the industry. These highly-skilled professionals are required to work closely with patients while performing a series of duties which includes reviewing medical history and prescribing medications. Future job security and an incredibly high salary are all part of the benefits for students after a career in this rewarding industry.


Oral healthcare specialists are required to complete specialized graduate programs after earning college degrees. However, the demand for dentists is expected to increase by a staggering 19% by the year 2026, which means professionals will likely never find themselves unemployed.

Top Industries

When considering that all the best jobs offering job security for years to come and impressive average annual salaries, the best industries to consider would undeniably be the medical industry and the technology industry. As there is no chance of these industries falling apart, job openings will continue to increase according to demand. While the education sector has proven capable of promising job security, it may not be a realistic contender for students after an impressive paycheque. Despite a lower annual income, the education sector is most suitable for students with an undeniable passion for teaching and a longing for a pleasing work-life balance that other industries aren’t able to provide.

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