The Council Rejected the Historical Church Conversion Proposal.

The Council Rejected the Historical Church Conversion Proposal.
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Newquay Council disagreed with Stephen Hick’s plans. Stephen Hicks, the town councillor, announced his plans regarding the new development that he believed could benefit Newquay and its neighbourhood. He proposed a development plan to turn St. Columb Chapel into an apartment, but the project was sooner rejected by the members of the Cornwall Council’s committee because the authorities said that the place has an essential historical value that should not and should never be erased.


The town Council’s objection against this proposal has been confirmed by the authorities despite the benefits of converting the grade-2 categorized church infrastructure to build two apartments while demolishing the flat extension of the roof and replacing the structure with 6 more rooms. The said proposal also includes creating a parking space that will be provided for every home or apartment unit.


Well, despite the strong objections from the authorities, planning officers considered further assess the proposal. They urged the other members to recommend it for approval by minimizing the harm it might cause to the historic property. The planning officers acknowledged the fact that this place has a historical value in England and should not be considered for any sorts of renovations. They also understood that even though the exterior part of the church will be mainly unaltered, the interior alterations can cause loss of fittings and features.


An applicant agent, Mark Dawes, said that the structure has been unmaintained and unloved for about 20 years already. He also said that the building was already bought by the applicant after it did not sell at the auction. Moreover, Dawes emphasized that the provided apartment numbers were already lesser compared to the past withdrawn applications that proposed four units inside the church building.


Joanna Kenny, a Newquay councillor, admitted that the current application or proposal was an extremely tough one because the church was too beautiful to be renovated or altered. She also reminded the authorities that the parking area was really an issue, and there was no enough space for the apartment amenities.



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