Students of Falmouth University Prompted to Boycott First Kernow Buses After Loss of £1-fare

Students of Falmouth University Prompted to Boycott First Kernow Buses After Loss of £1-fare
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Students of Falmouth University are up for a mass outcry after returning for the new academic year with the loss of £1-bus fares.

A Facebook event was set up by Billy Rickards named Boycott The Bus – Reverse First Kernow Decision to End Subsidies. It urges all students to boycott the First Kernow buses starting 23rd of September 2019.

The previous £1-bus fare is currently priced at £3.60, with a return cost of £5.40. It excessively causes distress to physically handicapped students and those who come from low-income backgrounds.

Rickards reiterated that the university cannot truly support the students if access to education is more luxurious.

Unfortunately, the heart-wrecking changes already took place. The only way that this decision can be reversed is to ignite a mass outcry amongst the student populace to boycott the buses.

If many students will stop using the services of First Kernow, then the company will lose a lot of money. Many believe that this may be an effective way of bringing the university and the bus company to negotiate a new contract for a sponsored student bus travel.

The student populace may instead ride trains, cycles, or walk their way to the university.

A representative of Falmouth University emphasized that aids had not been fought, but the £1-fare needed to be dropped because of the new First Kernow payment application. Nevertheless, this new app offers up to £50 free ride.

Moreover, to maintain the university’s support for sustainable travel the Student Union along with other affected universities has bargained with First Bus to come up with the best possible option.

A Falmouth University student named Kathryn Sainsbury Wilkes completely agreed with the boycott scheme. Unfortunately, as a student with a disability, she admits to having difficulties for other transportation alternatives other than buses.

Needless to say, she proposed to have a lift-sharing scheme with an optional £1-tip to the drivers.

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