Several People were Fined in Bristol for Breaching Covid Protocols as Police Thwarted an Illegal Rave

Several People were Fined in Bristol for Breaching Covid Protocols as Police Thwarted an Illegal Rave
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Just last night, an illegal rave was thwarted by the police in Bristol. Dozens who planned to attend the unlicenced music event were fined for COVID-19 breaches.

Police officers were already on high alert as someone reported that a street rave in Bristol was planned in a mystery location in the city.

At around 7 PM yesterday, a 19-year-old was suspected of causing a public annoyance concerning the street rave and was arrested. He was then released after careful questioning and investigation.

At 8:30 PM yesterday, police officers were deployed to Oldbury Court after Fishponds intelligence suggested that that was the location for the unlicenced music event.

Several people who arrived in the area were confronted and questioned by the police. Thirty-eight penalty fines and notices for breaching the COVID-19 protocols were issued last night. Around 30 minors were questioned and advised by the police officers.

Another arrest was made due to driving under the influence of alcohol. The car was impounded after the driver failed to show the insurance papers.

The officers deployed stayed at the location until early morning, ensuring that no unauthorised event took place. Drivers who arrived at the location were also questioned.

There were also reports that a similar unauthorized event will be held at Lodge Causeway and Eastville Park. Police officers were deployed there as well. However, no sign of the event ensued.

The chief inspector of the police, Paul Wigginton, acknowledged in his statement the efforts of their policemen and staff in ensuring that this street rave, which could have placed several persons at risk of COVID-19, didn’t ensue as planned.

The chief inspector continued, saying that the key to dealing with these events is to prevent them from executing their plans. He also expressed gratitude to the people concerned enough to report these events.

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