Russian Cargo Ship Still Detained in UK After A Year

Russian Cargo Ship Still Detained in UK After A Year

The Kuzma Minin, a Russian Cargo Ship, is still being seized after it has dramatically grounded off Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth on the 18th of December last year at 05:40 in the morning.

The cargo ship had to be dragged and tied in a nearby estuary ever since it grounded off Falmouth. The MCA or Maritime and Coastguard Agency were quick to seize the ship after a lot of defects were found. Even after a year, still, there are six deficiencies noted by the MCA on the sea carrier; thus, it still needs to be detained according to the agency.

The ship has already been sold this year for scrapping and was even renamed to Energy Annabelle. However, the ship still is not seaworthy because of a lot of issues which include the radio and gyrocompass and safety equipment. There are still works to be done to ensure the ship is watertight after the hull was damaged from the grounding. The ship was under the Port State Control detention, according to MCA.

The new owners of the cargo ship have already professed their intent of removing it for scrapping in Turkey. A prohibition order has been filed by the Environment Agency, awaiting the completion of license and application to transfer the ship as hazardous waste.

A number of businesses have made claims against Murmansk Shipping Company, involving a bank in Russia and a bunkering company that has to be paid more than 400,000 US dollars for fuel.

They all dodge in their complaints to the Admiralty court who then ordered to sell the ship in February this year.

A Singapore-based company has bought the ship for over 1 million US dollars in March this year. According to the representative of one of the companies, Samuel Jones said that the ship had become the obligation of the new owners when they bought it. He further added that the longer the ship stays in the dock; the more profits will be wasted.

The owners have already hired a local boat owner to check the safety of the vessel for safety and do regular inspections.

Energy Annabelle is secured to the salvage buoy in Falmouth Harbour that charges more than £1,000 per day; although, it is already given that due to the duration of stay, a discounted rate may be charged to the owners.

The MCA has been communicating with the owner’s representative regarding the situation. They are expecting to receive a report on the necessary repairs and an issue of certification from the flag state of the vessel.


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