Road Improvement will solve traffic congestion in Newton Abbot

Road Improvement will solve traffic congestion in Newton Abbot

Most of the people in the country commute and travel in going to work. The everyday encounter with traffic congestion could really affect people’s lifestyle. Regarding this, good news for commuters and travelers have been announced. The traffic congestion gets worse as people come across the Newton Abbot with their vehicle, so the district council has proposed road improvements.

The said proposal took some time to be presented. Some measures and plans are developed to make the project, as much as possible, in a tight budget. This road improvement project, that is planned out to cut congestion in Newton Abbot, will start immediately after the agreement.

The Devon County Council’s cabinet unanimously agreed and approved to start the phase 1 project in a £13.05m budget. The budget will be used for a contract construction, starting at phase one between Whitehill Cross and Forches Cross. It is expected to start by the end of this year 2019 and will be accomplished by the summer of 2020. This phase 1 includes a new road at Ringslade Road and a path along 1382.

However, for Phase 2, with a scheme to link Houghton Barton, the Teignbridge District Council agreed to start it by September and will most probably open on 2021. It involves planning to build a 2.5km new road that will be across A382 to the A383. This connection is still considered critical because of the possible traffic effect of it. With this, it is reported to be assessed for further improvement and development.

Phase 3, that connects Drumbridges to Forchess Cross and Jetty Marsh II to Exeter Rd, was granted last 2017. It includes straightening the alignment of the road and road widening.

These road projects, together with the district councils and officials, hope to solve the frustrating traffic congestion in the city.

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