Prevent Fires by Avoiding these Easy Kitchen Mistakes

Kitchen Mistakes

South West residents are putting themselves in danger by making minor but dangerous mistakes inside the kitchen, according to AmericanGr picks for kitchen farmhouse sink.

A new analysis of data from the government by Electrical Safety First discovered that last year, in the South West, accidental electrical fires reached a count of 763 reports. The number is equivalent to more than two fires every day. All of these were due to the misuse of appliances inside the kitchen.

The nationwide count for accidental fires caused by misuse of kitchen appliances last year reached an astonishing 7,067 reports across the country, adding to about 72 fatalities or casualties each month.

The charity is now warning the residents of South West areas to be more careful by ensuring they don’t’ create an electrical disaster in their kitchens. Looking deeper into the secrets of Brits’ kitchen practice, Electrical Safety First found that in the South West, one in six survey respondents admitted to failure in cleaning their ovens every year.

This creates a risk of fire due to grime and grease buildup. The kitchen appliances with the greatest number of electrical fires due to improper use every year are ovens and cookers.

Other worrying discoveries include that just below a fifth of the residents in the South West area also admitted to unintentionally putting their homes and themselves in harm’s way by falling asleep while food is being cooked on the hob, in the microwave, or on the oven.

More than half of those people in the region currently keep things on top of their microwaves which adds a huge risk to danger as the vital air vents that prevent the machine from overheating is being blocked.

With all this information, it’s perhaps not alarming that one in three of the respondents in the South West survey have experienced electrical accidents at some stage in their kitchens.

The problem, however, does not end with these cooking accidents. The survey shows that 46% of the residents in South West often leave their homes while kitchen appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers are running; just below a third of them leave the machines running while they sleep.

These actions are highly discouraged because they leave you in a setting where you cannot react if anything wrong were to occur. However, if the fire is caused by a non-electrical object, you can just try putting it out with water from your kitchen sinks.

Making an effort to educate Brits on what to do and not do in terms of kitchen safety, Electrical Safety First has reached out for help with celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager to create multiple videos informing the viewers on the topic.

Listed as ‘Kitchen Safety Etiquette Tips’, the series of videos offers comprehensible advice to kitchen users on common hazards such as overloading plug sockets, general cooking distractions, and using microwaves for storage. A set of purposely crafted recipes along with safety tips applied are also available on the Electrical Safety First website.


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