Mother Creates Diaper Drive Program to Reach Out to Other Mothers

Diaper Drive

Sheila Krahn, a mother of two who lives in Devon, has begun reaching out to other mothers by creating a diaper donation drive in order to help mothers who can’t afford to buy diapers. This is similar to a successful cleaning service in San Diego by maidjustright and other popular brands.

This little idea started when Krahn was doing some house cleaning to prepare for her garage sale and discovered that she had a box of diapers stored for about a year. When she realized that her daughter grew out of those diapers, she decided to include them in her garage sale. However, she didn’t know how to price them, which is why she decided to give away the box instead.

That’s when she realized that maybe a lot of mothers store their diapers only to leave them stored without using them. With that, Krahn posted a status asking mothers to donate their unused diapers to her so that she can reach out to other mothers.

Incidentally, one of the places that had a very high demand for diaper donations was the community of Mustard Seed in Edmonton. Along with other baby essentials such as baby wipes and clothes, Krahn was able to collect a lot of diaper boxes to be given to the mothers there. Her idea immediately became an instant hit with so many people not only donating their used diapers and baby essentials to her cause but also sharing it to their friends.

The Outcome

Of course, her efforts did not go unnoticed. Executive Director of Edmonton Mustard Seed, Dean Kurpjuweit, commended her efforts in helping mothers in the area as well as other mothers and parents who donated to the cause. He mentioned that he was truly astounded by the compassion that the people in the community have shown through simple support of this drive.

Not only did her efforts make rounds in social media but also in some news platforms such as Global News and even MSN News, to name a few. Her story recently circulated on so many channels that she received a lot more support from many other mothers.

The great thing about this drive is that Krahn isn’t alone in doing so. She has a lot of support from people who also share her vision. Many people are also helping with the drive by acting as dropoff points for those who want to donate.

In all of her stories, she includes all of the dropoff points that donors may drop off their products. Here’s a list of them:

  • 324 222 Baseline Road, Sherwood Park under Red Wing Shoes
  • 31 Pipestone Drive, Devon under Sheila Krahn
  • 125 Springwood Way, Spruce Grove under Rachel Steen
  • 60 Lacombe Pointe, St. Albert under Mary Rasberry

If you’re interested in donating, you may pay a visit to the drop off points stated above. If you want to know more about the donations or have some questions, then you may also contact Krahn at her contact number 7802852023. Alternatively, you may also send her an email at [email protected] and wait for her response.


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