Helicopters from Newquay Searches Tavistock and Yelverton for Alleged Meteorite

Lenn Verjans/ Wikimedia Commons

A fireball was seen in the sky near Tavistock and Yelverton. In an early Sunday morning, several phone calls were already bombarding the police officers regarding the matter. People thought that a drastic plane crash might have taken place.

Nigel Jackson, an eyewitness of the event, narrates that they were on an early morning walk along St. Austell at 5:52 in the morning. Suddenly, there was a ball of bright light that landed towards the ground, in a southwestern direction.

Contradicting the beliefs of many people that it was probably a plane that crashed. Jackson thinks otherwise because he said that there was no sound along with it as what one would assume from the engines of an airplane.

He further explained that it traveled real fast and it was separated into segments. Thus, he is strongly convinced that it was a meteorite heading towards the Earth’s atmosphere.

Another resident named Daisy posted on her Twitter account expressing her bewilderment on the matter. She and her husband heard a loud noise but did not see anything outside. She thought that it was a plane crash. Her husband believed that maybe it was a lion’s roar.

Andy Wall, another spectator of this unforgettable phenomenon also shared his story on Twitter. When it was around 5:50 a.m., he was just taking his dog out on when he saw a bright thing in the sky. He thinks that it cannot be an aircraft as the object was moving pretty fast heading south.

Newquay sent out a search and rescue helicopter as well as a police helicopter to search the areas around Tavistock and Yelverton.

Police said that there are reports of meteor showers along the southwestern area. They have confidence that it could have been a rubble but not an airplane. However, this is yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, the search operations are currently stood down.


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