Hattiers Rum Receives B Corporation Status

Hattiers Rum Receives B Corporation Status

This November, a new achievement in the British rum industry has been unlocked. Hattiers has attained a B Corporation status, making it the first British rum to receive such a recognition. The organizers of this award-giving body are from the non-profit organization B Lab.

According the founder of Hattiers, Philip Everett-Lyons, the business landscape is shifting, and businesses cannot afford to assume the effects of social and sustained environmental crisis on their operations and products. He went on to say that they are proud that Hattiers Rum has become part of the group of likeminded businesses.

Hattiers is a family-owned business in Devon that started its operations in 2017. Everett-Lyons left his career in London with intention to start a family business. His interest was captured by the rum and his soothing experience with it while racing yacht.

The business began with own experiments which he made to try out several blends. Mr. and Mrs. Everett-Lyons named their business “Hattiers”, after one of their daughters.

Quality and sustainability are the key elements that have contributed to Hattiers’ progressing business and vision to transform the community. Products are manufactured and packaged at the same manner. The products are designed for sustainability and the company takes serious ethical procedures and measures to mitigate inevitable carbon emittance. This milestone would speak for the rum sector that it does not take for granted its social responsibilities.

The certification given to Hattiers attests to the set environmental and social standards that were met by the premium aged rum blender company. Thus, a B corporation standing was given because Hattiers leads to such change in policies for the business.

One of the goals of B Lab UK is to renovate the economy for the benefit of all people and ecosystems. As of current, there are more than 3,500 B corps worldwide existing within 150 industries and found in 74 countries.

As per Chris Turner, the Executive Director of B Lab, he said that they are delighted to welcome Hattiers to the B Corp community. Turner went ahead to say that this movement of companies are committed to change how business operates. He said that Hattiers is going to be a great addition to the community and will continue driving the conversation forward.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience Hattiers!

Products and full profile can be viewed at Hattiers.com.


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