Devon Resident Accused Of Killings In Exeter To Appear In A Court Hearing

Devon Resident Accused Of Killings In Exeter To Appear In A Court Hearing

A man from Devon named Alexander Lewis-Ranwell is a suspect to the murder of the twins Mr. Roger and Richard Cater as well as Mr. Anthony Payne.

The accused who is a native of North Devon is believed to have caused lethal damages to the twins and Mr. Payne. Ranwell is still in his late twenties and is scheduled to appear at the Court of Exeter this coming 18th of November 2019.

The 84-year old brothers and the 80-year old Roger were killed last February 2019. The lifeless bodies of these three victims were seen within one day of the incident and at their respective homes.

Police officials were summoned at roughly three in the afternoon on the 11th of February in the road of Bonhay in Exeter upon finding the deceased body of Mister Anthony Payne.

While on the 12th of February at around one in the afternoon, policemen were also requested to come to a household situated in the lane of Cowick in Exter which was owned by the Carter twins.

Moreover, what added to the mystery of this incident is the fact that all the fatalities had head injuries.

The crown court in Briston, England held a hearing last 31st of October to confirm the full information regarding the said manslaughter situation. The court did not force Ranwell to participate at the hearing as they considered that he is still hospitalized at the Broadmoor Hospital. The doctors are still ensuring that his mental status will stabilize.

The suspect is also accused of two additional crimes that involve serious intentional physical injuries.

This mysterious February killings in Exeter is indeed one of the grandest investigations executed by the police for the past few years.

Mr. Richard Smith QC, a prosecutor, gave a progress report to Mrs. Justice May who is the judge of the High Court. Meanwhile, Mr. Andrew Langdon QC is the assigned lawyer for Ranwell.

The examination of this case is currently spearheaded by a team responsible for major crimes.

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