A Swarm of Young People Attack Two Men in Camborne Town Center

A Swarm of Young People Attack Two Men in Camborne Town Center

An incident at the Camborne Town Centre involving a swarm of 40 young people led to the hospitalization of two men last Friday, on the 20th of September.
Just before midnight, the police made their way to the Commercial Square in Camborne after being called for reports of an assault on two men, an 18-year old and a 20-year old. The incident occurred in an alley near the square, as reported to Cornwall Live by the mother of one of the victims. According to the statement of the spokesperson of police from Devon and Cornwall, the two victims were hit by a man who ran off. After such, these said men were immediately brought to the Treliske Hospital for treatment. As soon as they recover, the available CCTV footage will be studied, and the victims are to be requested for a statement regarding the event as part of the investigation.
Spokesperson claims it was a very difficult area to control because of the existing assembled crowd of 30 to 40 youngsters near the crime scene that allowed the perpetrator to escape. The officers then confirmed that there were already a few recorded occurrences which led to Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) in Camborne. The 18-year-old sustained a punch in the face, while the 20-year-old had it worse with a punch to the back of his head that rendered him unconscious shortly after impact.
Both of the victims had been transferred to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro on the same day and had received treatment to assist in their speedy recovery, with the older of the two being put on a drip. They had recovered within the day and had been released from the hospital. They will soon be incorporated into the investigation process.
The police are still looking for other witnesses of the event and are requesting contact on 111, log 1108.

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