World-renowned Alpine Honey from New Zealand comes to the UK.

World-renowned Alpine Honey from New Zealand comes to the UK.


Robert Ashworth, a beekeeper, honey-lover, and now a Cornwall-based entrepreneur, was inspired by his journey as a beekeeper in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. He wants the people in the UK to have a taste of the unique flavors and enjoy the medicinal properties of this natural honey from New Zealand.

Way back 2015, Rob traveled to New Zealand to follow his passion. Little did he know that it would be a beekeeping experience of a lifetime. Rob met Peter Ward, a master beekeeper in the alpine town of Wanaka. Rob worked in Peter’s beekeeping business after the latter see Rob’s enthusiasm and passion in the business. For two years, Rob explored the art of beekeeping with the help of Peter along with his two sons.

According to Rob, New Zealand honey is so special as it is produced in an isolated place where bees collect nectar without any disturbance or competition at all. Plus, it is scientifically proven to contain natural antibacterial properties. The Beech Forest Honeydew has prebiotic material to feed the probiotic bacteria inside the stomach, while the Thyme honey has anti-oxidant properties, one of the highest in the world.

As more people become more aware of the unhealthy effects of refined, processed sugar on the health and well-being, many are looking out for other healthy options to replace it with. Rob wants the people in the UK to enjoy not only the delightful and unique flavors of New Zealand honey but also to reap its benefits as well. Aside from being a natural alternative to refined sugars, New Zealand honey can also be a natural supplement to relieve common ailments and boost the health and immune system.

New Zealand Alpine honey introduces five delectable flavors to choose from. These are the Beech Forest Honeydew Honey for £5.99 for every 340 g, Thyme Honey for £4.99 for every 250 g, Wild Forest Honey for £5.99 for every 340 g, Manuka Honey and Lemon for £14.00 for every 340 g, and lastly Manuka Honey +650 MG for £34.99 for 250 g. You can also avail the multipack hamper options to have a taste of the different flavors they offer. You can buy all the flavors from the New Zealand Alpine website. Enjoy the flavors and wonders of New Zealand Honey now.


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  1. Just bought the Manuka and Beech forest. Really good honey and interesting to hear about their natural properties!


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