Plans of building 52 affordable homes in Redruth, currently awaiting approval

Plans of building 52 affordable homes in Redruth, currently awaiting approval
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There have been talks of a plan to build 52 new affordable homes in Redruth, specifically on the site where a former care centre has been established. However, the plans are still awaiting approval.

According to reports, Cornwall Council has already applied for permission to build these 52 new homes on the exact location where the Murdoch and Trevithick Centre were located. Ever since the demolition of the old care centre buildings took place, the area has been considered as a brownfield.

Based on the developers, each of the 52 homes are designed to be affordable. Moreover, half of the said properties will be available for rental while the other half are meant for shared ownership.

Planning officers recommend the approval of the plans during their meeting with the west sub-area planning committee this coming Monday, September 23.

The homes included in the development will range from single-bedroom flats to five-bedroom houses. There would be a total of nine flats, two bungalows, and 41 houses to make up to the total 52 houses. Meanwhile, one of the bungalows will provide access to wheelchairs.

The affordable housing team at Cornwall Council has supported the development, stating that the project will bring about a major improvement to Redruth, considering the area’s high housing demands.

The plans were also supported by the Redruth Town Council. However, they requested that there should be parking restrictions to prevent cars from parking anywhere and have them parked in designated areas instead.

Moreover, the town council requested energy-efficient measures to be included in the development for the new homes. This would include the installation of solar panels, lighting, and the likes.

The planning committee will still conduct a meeting at Camborne to finalize the plans and decide whether they should grant the planning permission or not.

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