Helston’s Better Sports Centre goes cashless

Helston’s Better Sports Centre goes cashless
HLundgaard/Wikimedia Commons

The Helston Sports Centre just went cashless in an effort to make transactions for their customers a lot easier and even improve their overall service by drastically reducing queues and getting rid of the possibility of cash theft.

One man, however, claimed that those without a bank card are effectively barred after contacting the Packet. According to him, you won’t be able to get in if you only have pocket money with you.

He even added that the situation has left staff in a precious position with their users, most of whom they’ve known for many years already. He points out that there are only two options to choose from: either to complain to Better or withdraw your support.

James Curry, who is the head of service for GLL in Wales, said that GLL’s cashless approach was already announced back in January this year throughout its leisure centres, with Newquay and Launceston about to go cashless come summer.

The approach has already taken effect in the Helston Sports Centre not long ago on September 9.

Mr. Curry added that the new system was already announced six weeks before it’s even implemented. They’ve even included posters in the reception area and informed their customers via social media posts. They also consulted Cornwall Council regarding the said plan.

He mentioned that there are several ways customers can still pay for the services. They can book and pay online in advance or use national pre-loadable cards which can be bought online as well.

He mentioned that they’ve already asked their staff to explain the available options to anyone who visits a cashless centre without a means of cashless payment.

There’s even information on their website suggesting that kids without a debit card can have their parents pay the fee in advance online.

Mr. Curry stated that before they go cashless, they’ve already researched the total number of cash transactions done in its centres and found out that such numbers are tiny.

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