Worth Thousands: the impressive collection of the Duchess of Cornwall’s handbags


Camilla’s collection of handbags have been estimated to worth thousands of pounds, and they are stylish designer handbags.

The Duchess has long been the consort of the Prince of Wales, after his divorce with, then, the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer. Since then, she has been seen with the future king of the United Kingdom on every occasion the couple had engaged to. One thing the people, especially those fashion aficionados, have seen with Camilla is on her stylish bags — from handbags, tote bags, and holdalls, which are not just pricey but are also limited editions. Fashion experts find this liking of the Duchess to her bags as a stylish move, and it really suits her well whenever and wherever she carries it.

There are a lot of occasions and engagements this year where the Duchess displayed her collection of bags. Most of them were priced at a range of £200 up to a whopping £5000. These were all matched up to her dress and headpiece, and it really astonishes the fashion world. Most were even saying that they might be expecting not just a future Queen, but also a Queen of Fashion because of her amazing fashion get-ups. Some of the bags, like the beach bag she brought on their trip to Barbados, were designed by renowned fashion designers like Heidi Klein, who was the genius behind the wicker boho beach bag. This bag, though not made exclusively for the Duchess, has made her trip to the Caribbean totally eye-catching. The beach bag is also on sale online for £220.

Whether we see a demure future queen or someone who could revolutionize the British fashion industry through her array of bags, the Duchess is one of the members of the Royal Family to look upon, not just in her chic fashion sense but also in her dedication to become an active part of this prestigious family.


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