Woman from Camborne sheds six stone to become a firefighter

Hollyoake Family/SWNS

A woman shared how she lost 6 stone to achieve her dream to be a firefighter just like her father.

Abi Hollyoake, 32 years old, is a woman from Camborne, Cornwall. At her heaviest, she weighed over 16 stone and wore size 22. She shared how she ended up with such weight after constantly opting for frozen meals over cooked meals because of her dislike in home cooking.

Abi dreams of becoming a firefighter, so she applied for the job at her local fire station. However, she struggled to pass the fitness tests, and that’s when she realized she would need to lose weight and slim down.

Two years later, she dropped seven dress sizes and is finally fit enough to pass the tests and succeed in reaching her dream. Now, Abi is working as a firefighter for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

‘The job is everything and more than I thought it was – when we get a shout I love it,’ said Abi.

‘It hasn’t quite hit me – it’s very surreal. When you are on a job you get a massive adrenaline rush.’

Abi shared how being a firefighter has been the common career path in the family. She said it was something she’d always wanted as a job, but her family life with her two children has become her priority.

When she moved to Cornwall, she tried her luck and made inquiries at her local station. However, the physical aspects of the tests have become a challenge for her. Still, she kept moving forward.

For 2 years, Abi kept going back in her attempt to pass, even though she had to wait 3 months to take the tests again after failing.

As soon as she made improvements, she would go back and try again until she finally passed the fitness test. Although it was just the first stage, as there were more tests and interviews, she kept pushing forward.

Abi’s weight loss program was a mix of improved diet plans and regular gym sessions.


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