Two Cheltenham locals have been named among Tinder’s top 30 singletons


As technology improves, the way of finding the right one also improves. With the help of social networking sites and dating apps, connecting to other people became possible and even convenient. These sites and apps also allow every user to look for a person according to his/her preferences. Sounds perfect right? Exactly, especially if you want to have that perfect someone who can go along with your vibe.

Nowadays, Tinder is one of the most used dating apps. With a single swipe, users can get connected and start setting up their next date. By gathering data from different users around the world, Cosmopolitan magazine found the “Tinder’s Top 30”.

These top 30 people are the most eligible singletons in Tinder, and the list has included two Cheltenham locals – JJ (28, freelance barber) & Adam (23, songwriter).

The two Cheltenham locals shared their profile, experiences, preferences, and tips in looking for the perfect date. JJ claimed that she dated 52 women in 52 weeks last year. She proudly said that she paid for most of them. JJ also gets more detailed and shared her top unforgettable dates. According to her, the best one is the date in an “adventure room” wherein the goal is to escape.

Most of the top singletons in Tinder wanted to find a cool person who can go along with their interests. They also faced challenges like deciding which and where to go. Like JJ, if the date is not worthwhile and the conversation is not easy flowing, they tend to ghost the date after it.

The singletons put efforts from doing the research up to the post-date plans. They also shared that as they date people, they can also learn so much about themselves. As they do it, they also meet a lot of cool and interesting friends.


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