Truro Fighter wins a Gold at Rogue Grappling Contest

John Lamonica/Wikimedia Commons

Taylor McCafferty won gold by pinning down Zack on a rubber mat during the final bout.

The two were engaged in a heated Jiu-Jitsu match in Truro on Saturday where they used locks and chokeholds to subdue each other. McCafferty never hoped to win a gold in the under 145 lb. category at the annual rogue grappling 7.

McCafferty was happy of having won gold, but it was unfortunate that his competitor Zack little was his longtime friend and teammate. However, he noted that it’s normal for such to happen in sports. He further asserted that he is back to the drawing board where he will have to train effectively for the next match.

Little seemed to be philosophical concerning his loss to McCafferty. He noted that it was a hard-fought and close match.

Both Little and McCafferty are coach students at Marmac Athletics at Inglis St. location in Truro.

They are also known to watch UFC fights together on TV, and they will continue doing so even after their January 18 match.

It was through watching fights on TV that motivated McCafferty to pursue martial arts when he was 13 years old. He started watching Jiu-Jitsu as a little kid. He noted that the most interesting thing was watching how the crowd reacted towards the fighters. That alone attracted him to the sport.

Both Little and Mc Cafferty trained intensively before the Rogue Grappling. Both fighters have to overcome the fear barrier before stepping into the sparring mats.

Even after training intensively, Marmac fighter Connor Mackenzie was nervous when he fought against Halifax area fighter Ryan Drake.

However, according to Little, simple fighters should face their fears. The more one trains, the more he should be able to compete without feeling nervous.

Respectful conduct is also very important during training. At Rogue Grappling, fighters had to greet each other before sparring matches and congratulated each other after the matches.


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