Truro named as one of the disability-friendly cities in the UK


Currently, Truro is the third on the list and has become one of the most accessible places for travellers that have disabilities in the United Kingdom. We all know that people with disabilities find it difficult to seek the right location for them to enjoy their holidays in. In this case, Truro has about 15% wheelchair accessible rental places, hence making it convenient for them to roam around the place.

Travellers can also go to the Tourist Information Centre where travellers can get a city map wherein public toilets that are accessible for them are marked. On the other hand, if you decide to bring a car with you, it is advisable for travellers to submit an application in advance so they will be permitted to park for free in the public car park.

When it comes to public transport, there are designated staffs that offer their help to disabled people who are about to ride the bus or train. There is also a ramp on the train, providing easy access to those people that are going around the city on a wheelchair.

If you are visually or hearing impaired, a visit to the Tourist Information Centre will help you have an enjoyable trip. They are more than happy to assist travellers who need help.

Another service that they provide for disabled people is a taxi-hailing service that has wheelchair-accessible ramps in them. It is not known by many that Truro is a disability-friendly location, and it’s for this reason the Tourism Department is doing its best to get the people informed.

Truro is famous for its scenery and cathedral, not to mention that it is also a foodie destination. Accessibility-wise, it has cobbled streets which makes it quite uneven and can be a little challenging for some disabled people to pass through. However, the city centre is flat which makes it easier for them to go around to check different shops.


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