These Scenic Spots in Wiltshire are Infamous for Dogging

These Scenic Spots in Wiltshire are Infamous for Dogging

Wiltshire certainly has many amazing scenic spots that many people, both locals and tourists, love to spend their holidays in. However, a piece of alarming information from an adult website named Swinging Heaven says that nature trails and parks in Wiltshire and Swindon have been listed as among the top nesting places of strangers doing outdoor sexual activities.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of spending your day off with your family in Wiltshire’s scenic spots, you should definitely make yourself aware of these sites that have been reported of doing inappropriate sexual activities.

As the website says, Badbury Clamp is one of the top places that people love to bring off their unfitting public behavior.

Another location described by the users of the website as the most notorious dogging site is the Badbury Castle South of Swindon. You should also watch out for the Moulden Park near Swindon since according to the experienced ones, police officers patrol in this area regularly, which suggests that this place is really popular as well.

Moreover, the following areas are also listed as popular dogging sites:

  • Woods near Clatford
  • Chittoe Woods
  • Chittoe Heath
  • Car Park in Caps Lane
  • Amesbury near Beacon Hill
  • Nightingale Woods
  • Mouldon Hill, Swindon

Although not listed as a beauty spot, the Dorcan Industrial State, which is located on the east side of town, was even included as a dogging site.

Dogging is further elaborated as any public sexual activity or witnessing others perform sexual activity outdoors. Although in the UK, no specific law is explicitly banning the act of dogging. However, people who are caught doing this can be filed with charges like indecent exposure and public lewdness under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003.

It was in 2003 that dogging activity became popular when couples arranging meetups was done conveniently on the website.

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