Somerset’s most terrifying locations

  1. Nunney to Frome (Nunney Castle)

In the 1970s, a man reportedly haunted people on this route. Recently, the man has been seen asking people for a lift in their cars. Some who stopped were reported to have vanished mysteriously.

  1. Wookey Hole (Cheddar)

A witch is said to have cast a spell over the chambers and lurked in the shadows. A pair of stalagmites are apparently the haunted remains of the witch and her dog.

  1. Taunton Castle

The castle is allegedly haunted by ghosts from the Monmouth Rebellion and the battle of Sedgemoor. The beheading of James Scott and the killing of his army, still haunt the place.

  1. Glastonbury Tor

Gwyn apNudd, King of the fairy folk is said to have used the Tor as a doorway to the dead. Screaming and howls have been heard at night.

  1. The George and Pilgrim

Ghosts such as that of monk, the woman he fell in love with and Judge Jeffreys the ‘Hanging Judge’ are said to haunt the pub.

  1. The Choughs Hotel (Chard)

Strange happenings such as phantom sightings, faint crying and a burning smell have been reported to come from this building.

  1. Shepton Mallet prison

The prison housed the Kray Twins and saw several executions. The site is eerie and is reported to house ghosts of prisoners long departed.

  1. The Crown hotel (Wells)

Black barley seeds have been seen mysteriously arranged conically on pillows and the ghost of an old woman has been seen.


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