Exeter Builds A New Passivhaus Energy-efficient Leisure Centre


Exeter begins its new project, a leisure centre called St. Sidwell’s Point, located at the site of Exeter’s station for buses. This project is the first of its kind in the UK, in terms of energy efficiency and causing a reduced ecological effect on the environment.
Aerial photographs showed the developments of the new centre. It is rapidly taking shape.

Along with the new centre, a new station for buses with modern-day facilities is undergoing development to replace the old station created during 1964.

There is an estimated £52m budget for the two projects, with £8m allocated for the station and £44m allocated to the leisure complex. This marks the beginning of many more projects budgeted at £300m, including a multi-purpose project of shops, houses, a performance centre, and hotels.

In the weeks to come, councillors are advised to authorize the surveyor of the city, the leading executive, and the leader to enter into an agreement of co-ownership to promote the land together with other owners of the land on site.

The most major work on the swimming-pool box is set to be finished at most by October, and the main location for the swimming-pool is beginning to take shape as the workers toil hard on-site.

After the swimming-pool has been completed, other pools suitable for learners and children will be constructed.

The quality of the water for the pool is reputed to be the best in the UK, with more advanced filtration systems to ensure that the chemical contents will be kept at an absolute minimum.

This leisure centre is due for completion in 2021. It is going to include multiple swimming pools, studios for fitness, a suite for health and spa, gym, a medium-sized café (built to fit 50 people) and an area for children to play and for families to watch them.

On Wednesday, the Board directing the construction of the station and leisure centre had a meeting and discussed the details concerning the possibilities regarding the provision of a waiting room for long distance travellers.


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