Torquay Tragedy Strikes In The Woods

Torquay Tragedy Strikes In The Woods
Devon And Cornwall Police/Images

A man was found dead previously this year. He was identified as David Gerry, a 43 year old man.
His family members reported him missing in May and said that he was having suicidal thoughts.
He was described by his friends as being a supportive friend, welcoming, outspoken and mind albeit with a flair for eccentricity.

The police in Cornwall and Devon, numbering more than 20 persons, as well as the Coastguard and ambulance personel launched a big search after Gerry was reported missing. He was found dead close to Watcombe Beach, inside the woods.

Deborah Archer, the assistant coroner, expressed to the Plymouth Coroners’ Court the information gathered from the victim’s family concerning his depression, reduced motivation, and low moods.
Gerry was married with two children. His family testified that they had a good relationship with Gerry. He loved playing football, and was a key member of a team or five-to-one.

He had been going to counselling sessions and taking medication for 2 years before his death. During his therapy sessions on June 2018, he informed his therapist of his good and bad days but claimed that he had better sleep because of his counselling sessions.

His close family members were a source of protection for him. The assessment of his mental health during July 2018 states that Gerry was free from dark thoughts and feelings to self-harm.

However, he separated from his wife, Lucy and began living with his parents October 2018.

Gerry’s assessment during January 2019 reported his desire to reduce the dosage of his medication. By May, he was having anxiety, reduced motivation and deeply saddened most days. However, no suicidal thoughts were noted.

He obtained a permit from his doctor for a sick leave, and hadn’t been to work for 2 weeks. Archer believes this serves as evidence that planned his death.

The day he left home, May 20, he had a meal with his parents, hugged his father and held his mother’s hand. His parents found his behaviour to be a little unusual.

After the meal, he went for his weekly football game at the Acorn Centre. His friends described his behaviour as being a little reserved and quiet.

Gerry was found dead by hanging.

His family and friends mourn his death and remember him as a calm, welcoming and special friend.

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