New Exeter Support Service Overwhelmed With Offers For Support And Requests For Help

New Exeter Support Service Overwhelmed With Offers For Support And Requests For Help

The new Exeter Community Wellbeing support service has received 250 requests for help and other offers of assistance. The offers came 36 hours after the support centre went live to support the Exeter population during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 250 requests came from 100 volunteers who offered help and 150 residents who requested practical help that can help in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

The support service has donated 100,000 pounds as grant funds to COVID-19. The money will help to add to the Exeter City Football Club’s City Community Trust.

The wellbeing scheme was set up by the Exeter City Council and Wellbeing Exeter to help and offer support to members of Exeter community especially those that are in self-isolation because of the virus.

Jo Yelland, the Exeter City Council director said that health workers, nurses, teachers, security personnel, and other professionals had pledged to support the council in several different ways.

Local volunteering organisations and community builders have matched some of the residents, with volunteers who will help in delivering shopping, collecting prescriptions and other chores.

The Exeter City Council together with the Exeter Chiefs Community Foundation also launched a one million action fund as part of the Exeter Community Wellbeing Scheme.

The aim of the action fund is to help the community groups and other organisations to access small grants that will help them work on the local projects that will help in supporting people and communities most affected by COVID-19.

The Exeter Chiefs Community Foundation also offered it’s vans and drivers to help in deliveries.

If you want to get involved with the scheme, fill in a simple online form available on Exeter’s council website. you can also call 01392265000 from 9 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays, and 9 am to noon on weekends.

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