Cornwall Experiences a Surge in Covid-19 Cases

Cornwall Experiences a Surge in Covid-19 Cases
Raimond Spekking

Together with the Cornwall council, members of the multi-agency Local Outbreak Engagement learned about the rising infections of Covid-19 in the Cornwall area. The infection rate has increased from 18 to 33 in 100,000 people in just one week.

The rising infection rates witnessed over the past days have put Cornwall at almost similar levels with other states in the UK that have seen a rise in the number of infections.

Members of the board, which consists of the NHS Kernow, the Council, and Visit Cornwall, have urged residents to observe the public health guidelines and consider postponing grand Christmas and New Year celebration plans to control the infections.

The leader of Cornwall Council, Cllr Julian German, said that people needed to follow the Covid 19 rules, especially during this time because of the spiking infections. He said that Cornwall was at the lowest tier, and it will be unfortunate if it drops during the festive season. In case it does, home-to-home infections will occur rapidly, as witnessed in the past few weeks.

German urged citizens to reconsider the risk of health for many people gathered together. Christmas and New Year plans and any visits to Cornwall should be a thing to ponder about.

He said that all the gains that Cornwall had gained in fighting Covid would be lost if people ignored the coronavirus guidelines.

On the other hand, the Director of Public Health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Rachel Wigglesworth, reiterated how coronavirus could be spread easily even when people don’t show any symptoms.

Wigglesworth asked people to consider the risk of health before engaging in Christmas bubbles.

She said that Christmas could be celebrated in other ways like outdoor meetings or through technology without necessarily participating in gatherings.

The Council’s website has, however, given more information concerning the festivities.

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