Cleaning precautions to prevent further spread of coronavirus on Truro, currently underway

Chris Sampson/Wikimedia Commons

Businesses located on the Outer Cape are conducting cleaning precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep everyone safe from the infection. Mike Costa, operations manager of Cape Cab, stated that they’re doing the best they can in order to prevent viruses from spreading.

The company has been conducting extra cleaning measures by wiping down the surfaces in their cars several times a day. This is done in an effort to ensure that people who have a higher risk of contracting an illness can remain safe and protected when taking a ride.

Costa mentioned that they’re just doing this in order to be as cautious as possible. Wiping down surfaces isn’t really that hard of a task. It’s done in order to prevent someone who might have the virus from passing it onto others.

Apart from that, other businesses like The Fox and Crow are limiting the items their customers can touch. They started by removing self-serve water pitchers and covering foods that customers can grab for themselves such as fruits contained in a bowl.

Though they’re taking safety precautions, owner Trudy Vermehren said that the virus really didn’t stop people from getting out of their homes and going to public spaces.

Businesses aren’t the only ones to take extra precautions. In fact, entities are doing the same as well. The Wellfleet Council on Aging, for example, has provided wipes and gloves to their drivers to clean the surfaces of their transportation on a regular basis.

Superintendent Michael Gradone of Truro Central School revealed that they’ve been disinfecting surfaces that people get into contact with at least once a week. As of now, they’re sticking to their very methodical routine. They also have plans of ramping up their precautionary measures if necessary.


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