Complaints by Households on Gardeners and Home-Builders have Gone up by Twenty Percent

Complaints by Households on Gardeners and Home-Builders have Gone up by Twenty Percent
Two of the people responsible for the lush display at Golders Hill Park.

Non-profit awareness group, Citizens Advice, had warned about the increase of household complaints regarding a one-fifth increase of complaints against contract home builders and gardeners, mostly due to substandard services.

The data presented had shown that 60,000 reports related to home improvement have been observed. This is a 19% increase compared to the report made from 2017 to 2018. Most of the reports contained incidents of unfinished work or poor quality of work output made by the home improvement companies. This comprises a 54% increase compared to last year’s reports. Also, a 67% increase from last year’s reported number of window and door installation problems were also noted. 40 – 43% increase of complaints from last year were also reported with regards to home improvement companies’ use of defective materials and substandard services.

Citizen’s Advice had received a total of 8,860 reports related to home and garden products and services since last year and 5,828 reports related to chimney and roof works. This is roughly 20% to 30% increase, which had caught the organization’s curiosity and released good advice on homeowners about being meticulous with choosing home improvement services well and buying home improvement products.

As much as there is a need for these companies to improve on their products and services, Gillian Guy, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, had given his advice on being stricter when it comes to getting quotes and communicating with the contractor of the hired home improvement service or being a meticulous shopper of home improvement products as this could waste time and money on poor service, leaving both parties at a loss. He also added that it is best to keep copies of receipts and communications with the service provider to ensure proper track record of incidents that had caused this home improvement dissatisfaction.

Should you also have the same problem regarding your home improvement products or services, you can give Citizens Advice a call on their consumer service line at 03454 040506.

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