Wiltshire Farm Foods Wins Prestigious Food Award for Its Mini Meals


Wiltshire Farm Foods has won a prestigious food award for its leading Mini Meals Extra range.

The award for the ‘Diet & Health’ category which acknowledges businesses who identified an issue and went above and beyond to help solve the problem, was given to them at this year’s Food & Drink Federation Awards.

Wiltshire Farm Foods offers frozen meals that satisfy different nutritional needs all around the UK with over 300 dishes on their menu.

Their Mini Meals Extra range package was created after recognising the shortage of nutrients-packed meals in smaller portions for older people, and engagement with dieticians and other healthcare professionals.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Managing Director, Ian Stone said:

“We recognised the growing need to provide meals for those requiring smaller meals and realised we needed to act. This range of meals looks to provide a delicious meal in a more manageable size, while ensuring vital nutritional needs are met.”

All 11 meals in the range are over 500 calories, have at least 20 grams of protein and are a manageable 280 to 300g portion size.

Helen Willis, a dietician at Wiltshire Farm Foods, expressed her joy at the positive feedback from customers. She said: “Since the launch we have had amazing feedback from our customers which really justifies all the hard work that goes into creating a range like this.”

Ian Stone also added:

“Receiving recognition and the award is an incredible achievement. But what is more important is hearing positive feedback back from our customers.”



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