Top Three Cotswolds Organic Food and Drink Producers


In Gloucestershire, the farming industry has farmed organically for 30 years, creating produce without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Here are five top Costwolds organic manufacturers that encourage wildlife and the elimination of chemicals in locally produced food and drink:

  1. BAM Organic

BAM organic entered the healthy food scene by creating a tasty milk drink using only four organic ingredients in three yummy flavours—banana, vanilla, and chocolate. It creates all its products without using refined sugars, artificial preservatives, or food colourings. Based in Cheltenham, the company was inspired with the idea of making a healthier milk drink during a European road trip.

  1. Dunkertons Organic Cider

Ivor and Suzie Dunkerton are the founders of Dunkertons Organic Cider. Inspired by their love of nature, the couple decided to create a special cider without adding concentrates or chemicals to their drink. In 1988, Dunkertons Cider received a certification of Soil Association, UK’s largest organic certification body, and they have been officially organic since then.

Based in Dowdeswell Park, management was taken over in 2014 by their son, Julian Dunkerton, the founder of Superdry.

  1. Daylesford Organic

Located near Kingham, Daylesford Organic is a notable farm shop and café. The cafe is known for its organic breakfast, lunch, and traditional afternoon tea. The farm shop sells organic bread, meat, dairy products, and larger goods. Daylesford Organic also offers cookery courses and workshops for gardeners.