The First Review as Oowee Opens in Bristol


Now NOoweeOowee Vegan has just opened at the site previously occupied by Hotchay in Baldwin Street, Bristol.

The owners of Oowee Vegan decided to bring the restaurant to Bristol city because of the success of their other outlets across London and the expanding vegan community in Bristol.

The Service

The order from Deliveroo was made at 7:49pm and delivered at 8:07pm. The cold weather was not a deterrent either.

The Food

The food was surprisingly enormous; the garlic butter bread was a little too much for one order but the burgers were quite enjoyable.

The Smokin’ Hot Cluckan and the seitan patty were tasty enough and with little hot sauce and they were really satisfying– with the exception of the Big VG which was just bland when  compared to the seitan burger.2018 Bristol Food

The waffle fries were much better in size and taste as opposed to the massive Garlic butter fries which will be excluded from the next order, as they were quite salty.

The verdict

The conflicting reviews might be due to the decision to order and have it delivered instead of visiting the diner in person.

The famously Large Oowee Smokin’ Hot Cluck burger wasn’t large or hot but the Big VG was nice.

Bristol Vegans might just have better options in the city centre.