Restaurants You Should Definitely Try Out in Redland, Cotham, and Montpelier


Looking for that one stop centre for all things yummy, healthy, delicious and uber fun? Then BS6 is the best place to be. It’s occupied by some of the classiest restaurants in Bristol thereby leaving the residents spoilt for choice.

It’s been described by the Bristol Live as a “foodie’s haven” as it caters to all sorts of services from breakfast to Sunday roasts, Italian or Indian, whether you’re in the mood for a healthy roast, a naughty curry or some filthy pasta.

There are a variety of places to choose from. For breakfast, you have the Muino, Convivio, or the Rubicon Leo and my personal favourite is the Muino by the way.

For lunch, Koocha, kasbah grill and Falafel King does more than enough justice to your budget and diet.

For dinner, Pasta loco, Casa Mexicano, Urban Kohinoor, Bell’s diner and the super amazing (but pricey which is totally understandable) Bulrush which is a Michelin star rated restaurant.

For time out with the family or friends or that special outing on a Sunday, then the trio of The Shakespeare, The Cadbury and The Kensington Arrows provides variety of homemade meals that would leave you wanting more.

So be it a hangout, planning that proposal, family dinner, date night, business luncheon, whatever the occasion basically, there are plethora of choices that awaits you.

The food scene in Bristol has taken a major boost and is fast becoming a tourist centre as you would definitely have value for your money and leave happy, refreshed and overfed.


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