Masked Protesters In Bath, What Was The Story?

Masked Protesters In Bath, What Was The Story?

There were several masked protesters yesterday in Bath in the city center. The masked protesters were holding laptops and standing still.

It was later discovered that the masked persons were protesting against the production and sale the of foie gras in the country. The protesters were displaying images of animal cruelty on the laptops they were holding.

The animal equality group was trying to educate masses on how foie gras is made with the intent that it would make the UK free of foie gras.

Foie gras is mostly made from the livers of ducks or geese. The birds are fattened using artificial means. They are fed forcefully using a process, considered cruel by objectors, called Gavage. A metal tube is placed inside the throat of the animal and food is put in the tube. The animal ends up eating more than it usually eats.

Gavage can cause an animal’s liver to swell ten times its normal size.

The protesters were wearing masks commonly associated with the group Anonymous, were mostly seen standing near Bath Abbey.

The group is trying to appeal to Michael Gove, the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs to submit a ban proposal to the Parliament.

The group has further released a video containing some distressing images to illustrate how foie gras is made. The footage is from an unidentified foie gras in France.

The director of animal equality in the UK said that it is about time the government ended the cruelty and enforce the ban on foie gras. Foie gras production is illegal in Britain, but the importation of foie gras products encourages the continued cruelty on geese and ducks. He added that the UK, which is known as a nation which loves animals, should not allow continued importation of the delicacy.

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