Exeter Teenagers Help Start National Campaign to Encourage Food Bank Donations



A group of Exeter teenagers helped to start a nationwide campaign to encourage food and toy donations. As part of a social action project, the teenagers came up with the plan through the Exeter NCS Programme, delivered in the Exeter area by CITY Community Trust.

The teenagers found that customers noticed the food bank donation bins after they had already finished their shopping, making it too late for them to purchase products to donate. The 13 teens decided to create a dedicated shelf edge label to remind customers during their shopping.

One of the teenagers, Holly Manning, 17-year-old NCD graduate from Exeter, commented, “After talking to the manager of our local food bank it was clear that shoppers were being reminded too late about donating, with food bank collection points usually being placed at the exit of the store. We also learned that people were regularly donating similar items, making it difficult for them to get the quantity and variety that they needed to serve the needs of their beneficiaries.”

Supermarket Sainsbury in Exeter joined in on the project after the teenagers pitched the idea to Sarah Spurling, the store manager, with a brilliant idea of a branded sticker at their UK locations. The reminder labels were implemented in-store, and resulted in donations tripling to food banks.

The manager of Exeter foodbank, Mark Richardson, said, “Mark Richardson, manager of Exeter foodbank, said: “It’s great to see young people being empowered by programmes like NCS to go out into their communities and make a difference. It’s been brilliant to work with NCS graduates to permanently roll out their fantastic label initiative to all our stores and help reach our target of one million donations.”


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