Devon’s New Rockfish’s Brand Set to Open on March 18th Officially

Devon’s New Rockfish’s Brand Set to Open on March 18th Officially

Rockfish is expected to formally launch its latest brand, The Exeter, on March 18th. Over one thousand reservations are on the wait in preparation for the grand ceremony. The new restaurant’s paint is barely dry, yet it has already appealed to Devon’s seafood enthusiasts.

The eatery is estimated to have cost 1.5 million Euro and can accommodate around 155 people.

Mitch Tonks, the chef-founder, said they are expecting over three hundred customers in three days during the promotion. The marketing will not only focus on product testing but also help the management team learn other ideas. During the last decade, Rockfish has managed to establish a portfolio in Exmouth, Plymouth, Torquay, and Brixham. The restaurant’s primary objective is to link the prominent seafood café to the seafood market and, in turn, make it affordable.

Mitch Tonks’s Preferences

Mitch Tonk would be a fan of the local grilled fish if he were to select from the Rockfish menu. This salmon is coated in salt and sugar and smoked on top of an oak. He describes it as one of his favourites. Mitch has several preferred cafes. One of them is the new Quay Inn which he loves attending during Sunday’s lunch. Others include the East in the West and Wild Artichokes. Tonk loves spending his weekends in the Nellie 3 sailing boats or shopping meat and cheese in Totnes. It’s been one year since he obtained his Yachtmaster qualification. He desires to navigate the Atlantic with his other three acquaintances.

More Expansions to Roll Out

Rockfish is planning to expand by two cafes; one in Sidmouth and another in Dorset. This expansion will be after acquiring savings from Gresham House Ventures. Mitch says in the next four years, they aim to create a range of sixteen restaurants. He admits that sustaining an eatery’s integrity is quite a task and that is why the majority of average cafés in the market undergo economic downfalls.

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