Cheltenham May Be Home for a Brand New Vegan Food Hatch with Public’s Help



Liam Swan and Tilly Leighton, owners of the vegan food business, Seitan’s Grill, need the public’s assistance to raise enough money to expand their business by opening a commercial kitchen and hatch located on Cheltenham’s Lansdown Industrial Estate.

The couple began Seitan’s Grill in July 2017, last year, with a focus on plant-based products, serving homemade food for different events and creating a unique junk food twist to vegan organic burgers.

They are working on raising £12,000 through crowdfunding to give them a boost to open their shop to continue supplying their food commercially, with space for the public to stop by and enjoy an organic meal. So far, they have reached around £2,000 of their goal and they are hoping to raise more before the December 8 deadline to end their campaign.

Liam comments, “I’ve got a lot of time for Cheltenham. It’s where I did my degree and it’s a developing town. The vegan scene there is getting there and it needs more of a push. I think people are waking up to the plant-based movement now.”

If they reach their goal, the site could be open in the middle of January, with service at day and night and would become one of the first all-vegan food outlets in Cheltenham.



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