Bristol Restaurants and Food Shops Open and Close in May


Bristol is known for having a wide variety of restaurants. However, that can also mean that competition is tough and while some restaurateurs rise up to the challenge, some just do not.

In the month of May, Bristol food enthusiasts can expect a number of openings, but sadly, they will also have to say goodbye to a couple of restaurants.


Eat a Pitta, Broadmead

Technically, Eat a Pitta didn’t initially open in May. However, it closed down for a month and just reopened on the 22nd of May. Due to this, fans of the kiosk were very much willing to wait in long queues just to have a taste of whatever they missed the most. Owner Dan Levy expressed how he was blown away by the warm welcome of the people.

Taco Barra, St. Nichola Market

The opening of Taco Barro has been nothing but a success. Reporter Robin Murray even described it as out of this world and absolutely sublime. Currently, Taco Barra offers tacos and nachos but promises to offer more Mexican food favorites like quesadillas.

Emmeline, Stokes Croft

Emmeline first opened in 2016 as a café with a beautiful interior. Unfortunately, it shut down when a BMW crashed into its front. Now, customers welcomed back the café that offers lunch and sweet treats for its reopening.

Backyard, Clifton

Backyard opened on May 7, and they brought chicken and technology together which may be part of their charm. Customers can order their chicken and other orders through Ipads.

Low and Slow, St. Nicholas Market

Despite not being a real restaurant, Low and Slow prides itself with its smoked meats and the number of customers appreciating their offerings.


Pizza Express, Corn Street

It was in the earlier part of May when Pizza Express in Corn Street announced that they would close down this year.

Mesa Tapas and Bar, Henleaze

This one caused quite a shock among people in Bristol for deciding to close down despite being one of the consistently impressive places in the area, according to a critic.

It really is a bitter-sweet month for the foodies in Bristol as they celebrated the openings but were also saddened by the closures.


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