Bristol City: Why Scores of Restaurants Were Missing from Deliveroo on Friday – Why It Might Happen Again


The weather is strong enough a factor to shut down business, or worse. For Deliveroo and its teeming restaurant customers who use their app, they found out the hard way on Friday, November 9.

Usually, when people make a plan for the day, nature makes its own. In cases where nature’s plans and ours don’t align, situations like November 9 arise. Nature always wins. On the said date, diners who planned a memorable night with takeaways using the Deliveroo app were disappointed to find out popular restaurants weren’t available on the platform.

Although a handful of restaurants still appeared on the app that day, they weren’t enough to service anticipant customers who were yearning to order their favourite food. Apparently, the weather had played a fast one. Many Deliveroo delivery agents (riders) couldn’t work because of the condition.

It wasn’t just Deliveroo that couldn’t service customers; we learned the M48 Bridge was closed on adjacent directions and flights to and fro Bristol City airport was called off.

The weather was indeed strong and intimidating that Friday. Bristol City’s Met Office was even forced to issue a yellow weather warning.

Deliveroo confirmed through a spokesperson that business activities slumped on November 9. There was no other place to dump the blame but on the weather’s doorstep.

In the end, we were assured by Deliveroo that getting things back running after situations like Friday night is always on the forefront of their minds.

There’s, however, no assurance that things like this can be prevented. It’s the weather after all.


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