Bristol Mill Challenges Fast Fashion with Biodegradable Fabric


Clothing has played a significant role in the lives of the entire population for coverage against harsh weather conditions. However, with the evolution of how people showcase their style, more individuals succumbed to buying fashionable clothes from various stores in order to blend in.

It has been estimated by the UN European Economic Commission that the fashion industry is accountable for the 20% water waste and 10% carbon emissions. In order to lessen or eradicate this problem, the looms are now producing biodegradable cloth for a UK company at this Bristol mill. Instead of toxic materials, they utilize nontoxic synthetic chemicals that immediately decompose once worn out in creating a Bristol Cloth.

Location-wise, this mill is within 24 kilometers of the city, which means no transport footprint will be noted within the vicinity. The founder of Bristol Cloth, Babs Behan, emphasized that the UK doesn’t manufacture and grow abundant textiles in their own land anymore. Also, various production processes are conducted in different continents, leading to several transports as well. Therefore, they are finding ways to retrieve manufacturing back in the UK like before.

Local designers are now using the fabric in their production of clothes. The first 200 meters of Bristol Cloth is now considered sold prior to its production, whilst the next batch is now sold to companies across the United States and Australia.

After processing the Bristol Cloth, its lambswool yarn, a material from sheep, it’s dyed using colors extracted from wild plants and recycled farm foods. The creators of the said cloth are hoping that companies would start imitating their techniques and influence consumers to think through about the clothes they purchase and its impact upon making it.

Jane Murrow, a textile design expert from London, raised her concern about how there should be adjustment regarding how and what people consume and how they are ready to spend for it.


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