Most Expensive Home Improvements for Luxury Homes

Most Expensive Home Improvements for Luxury Homes

The symbol of a luxury home is not just an aesthetically appealing and well-maintained home. Instead, a luxury home is one that has all the convenience that makes the owner feel pampered and spoiled. Think grandeur; Think deluxe; Think fanciful. The term ‘luxury’ allows you to visualise a lot of comforts like natatoriums, steam baths, outdoor badminton courts, outdoor decking area, recreation rooms, gym and well-equipped cooking area. But what do luxury home buyers desire in a home? This is the question you should ask yourself before you improve your luxury home.

Home improvements is a rewarding activity, filled with limitless possibilities, especially when you have ‘comfort’ and ‘convenience’ at the top of your scale of preference. Luxury upgrades and improvements are worth the cost and they are exorbitant because they give your home a distinctive quality in a highly competitive high-end market. This can attract more home buyers and sell your home at a higher price.

Here are some of the most expensive home improvements that can improve the marketability of your luxury home.

Home Theatre

A fancy way of adding luxury to your home is installing a home theatre to create a cinema room ⸺ an exotic room dedicated to movie watching and family togetherness. Sounds splendid, right? It is an excellent way of impressing any homebuyer. A smart home theatre system with high-fidelity sound reproduction and visual clarity, capable of giving a unique cinematic experience, will most likely swoon any buyer.

To create a luxury entertainment experience for your home, you have to make the necessary customisations. Let’s show you how:

  • A significant element of a luxury entertainment centre is a dedicated space for your home theatre system. It should have the perfect atmosphere to facilitate an excellent cinematic experience. This means you should be able to make the proper light and sound customisations.
  • The entire cinematic experience revolves around the dynamic screen display. The larger, the better. So we recommend you go for a 4K ultra-HD projector, instead of a television.
  • In your cinema room, you will want to create a surround sound setup. This won’t be possible with just one or two speakers. You will have to upgrade your speakers to quality brands like Bose, Sony, Philips or Dolby Atmos.
  • Another important feature of a cinema room is proper lighting. We recommend you block sunlight from filtering into the room. Also, a light control system will save your eye from being strained while watching a movie.

Luxury Landscape Upgrade

In some cases, luxury landscaping has to do with affluence and superior quality. It is nothing more than putting all the unifying elements to produce an elegant environment, where functionality meets maximum comfort. One of the aims of upgrading your landscape in a luxury way is to get the most out of parties, entertainment and events. You will want to transform your home to a place where family, friends and visitors will bask in the comfort and luxurious experience.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish this:

  • There can’t be a luxury landscape without a custom-designed swimming pool. The swimming pool should have a perfect layout to create a water wonderland and nicely laid composite deck boards around it. It should also blend with the rest of your architectural style and outdoor surrounding.
  • Water fountains are historical emblems of affluence and fortune. They instil charm and magnificence. They are stunning to look at ⸺ no matter the size⸺, and they can serve as the centrepiece of your property.
  • To create curb appeal and eye-pleasing aesthetics to your landscape, you might have to add the right outdoor structures for your comfort. This means you have to put the following structures in place: parking areas, walkways and deck areas.

Add a Steam Room

As in the old days as today, a sauna or steam room is one of the most delicate features of a luxury home. Potential buyers will always want to pay top dollars for homes with indoor steam rooms. It is a great way of relaxation, and when it is stylishly done, it can enhance your home’s beauty.

Elegant Furniture for Your Sitting Room

The sitting room is one of the busiest areas of every home. It is always accessible to friends, visitors and guests and It can create an indelible impression in their minds about you. So, potential homebuyers are always particular about the sitting room design. Elegant furniture is a key feature of a cosy sitting room.

These few tips can be helpful in this regard:

You can’t do without soft throw pillows, headrest, beautiful vintage rugs, carpets, and others when creating a luxury living room. Ensure they match the design of your home’s interior. Go for pieces with an elemental design that exude luxury. This will enhance the vibrance and cosiness of the sitting room area.

  • Luxury is about that extra-something. A luxury room, by design, has additional structural elements. Rather than drab furnishings and forms, luxury sitting rooms have highly unique and often unexpected design qualities. When designing your living room, ensure you add unique structural objects like abstract artworks, pendant lights etc.
  • You can add charm to your sitting room with the addition of colourful lighting fixtures and candles. Apart from pleasantly illuminating your home, they can improve your home’s aesthetics. Some examples of this include wall lights, table lamps, chandeliers and spotlights.

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