How to Autumn Clean Your Home

How to Autumn Clean Your Home

We all love the feeling once we’ve finished a big clean. The house smells great, everything’s in its place and you wonder how you ever managed with your house untidy… But somehow we always end up with a cluttered space again!

We have the solution – an autumn clean! Sorting out your living space and feeling more at ease isn’t just for spring time and we’ve put together some tips so that you can autumn clean for yourself.

Go From Top to Bottom

This is a classic one and there’s a good chance you’ve heard it before. However, if it’s a tip you forget, it can make cleaning your house a much bigger job than it needs to be.

Dust your furniture and clean your surfaces before you start on your floors. That way you aren’t brushing or dropping dust and dirt onto a carpet that’s already been cleaned. Don’t create extra work for yourself!

Get In The Nooks and Crannies

An autumn clean, or any deep clean, really, is the time to get into those difficult-to-reach places that you usually try to put off or ignore… Dirt can build up in these places over time and an autumn clean is the perfect time to blitz them.

You could clean:

  • Underneath and behind all of your sofa cushions
  • Your computer keyboards and remote controls
  • Underneath your fridge and in all the drawers

Another important one is the vent in your tumble dryer. This can pose a fire risk, so it’s important to make sure it’s clear of any lint.

Remember the Windows

I’m not going to lie, cleaning the windows is a big job and it will probably take some time. So if you’re going through all of the effort, make sure you’re giving them the best clean possible.

Microfibre cloths can be excellent for cleaning windows because they don’t leave any smears, so your windows will be crystal clear.

Tony Macfarlane from Appliance Hunter says to “remember the inside of your windows and to give your brushes a clean if you really want a deep clean.”

This could apply not only to what you clean your windows with but all your cleaning products and tools.

Create New Good Habits

A deep-clean is satisfying and can be so great for creating a fresh start, or even just a feeling of control over your life in general. However, cleaning doesn’t just need to be once or twice a year and a job that takes several days. If you take the time to think about how you want your house to look, you can start getting into routines every day that will make deep cleans even easier.

Take 10 or 15 minutes every day to square up the house. Sort out piles of magazines or wipe down your kitchen counters. Make yourself a daily or weekly cleaning schedule that’ll help you keep on top of it all.

You’ll notice a difference day-to-day and then when your next autumn clean rolls around, you won’t have as much to do!

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