Home Composting the Easy Way

Home Composting the Easy Way
Composting is useful when it comes to keeping your garden healthy, and if you have your own organic pile, it ensures you a regular free compost tea supplies. However, there is more to these reasons for you to compost. Truthfully, by the time you comprehend the basic composting process, it can be more interesting than you ever think. Here are some useful details and tips about home compost that can make your life easier:

Balanced Compost is Not Strictly Required

The typical ratio ever told in a balanced compost is 2 browns is to 1 green, where the browns are the dry organic materials like wilted leaves and dead plants, while the greens are the grass cuttings as well as wastes from the kitchen. However, you do not need to follow that balancing option, not because it is wrong, but because they will all break down in the compost.

The Pile Size Doesn't Matter

It has been a common notion that if your heap of materials is at least three feet wide and high, it will surely heat up and then begin cooking in just days. In fact, all you need to do is simply pile your materials together until it is mounded enough to catch your attention. Once you are in the mood to manage your compost, you can just dig it with your digging fork to mix the materials while adding water in order to keep the moisture.

The Fragrance Tells the Moisture Level

If you dig your heap and you could notice that there is no earthly fragrance, it means that it is not moist enough. If you are just a newbie in gardening, you might experience the dryness of your pile. All you need to do is shred the leaves before you compost them and then add a generous water volume. This will help the leaves mature faster; however, it would still take time to happen. If you notice that your compost smells bad by any means, it could mean that it’s too wet. In order to solve this, you can just add dry materials or let it dry in the sun, and then regulate the moisture again afterward.

You Can Use the Weedy or Diseased Plants

Do not throw the unpleasant weeds from your garden. You can use these unwanted guests and give them their own pile. After a few months, when these bad boys already shrunk, you can use them to eliminate weed and diseased plants.

You Do Not Have to Keep it a Secret

Your compost heap will be unpleasant to the eyes, only if you intend to make it appear unpleasant. In fact, you do not need to hide it in a concealed corner of your lawn. You’d spend more effort moving your materials to your secret heap spot, which is a total waste of your energy. You can pile it up in the area closer to the source of your organic compost materials.

Final Thoughts

All gardeners would love to make nice compost, and no other thing can ever help them learn but experience itself. In most cases, all it takes is good observation and dedication to the compost to keep the garden as healthy as it can be. Perhaps, not all kinds of wastes should ever be wasted.

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