Firefighters to Work the Night due to Tiverton House Fire

Firefighters to Work the Night due to Tiverton House Fire
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It was around 8:30 in the evening on Sunday night when the fire department received reports of smoke coming out of the roof of a property at Twyford Place. The report also said that there were slates coming down from the building. The fire most probably started from the ground floor and crawled its way up to the property’s roof.

Firemen rushed to the site to prevent further spreading of the fire. On-site, there are four engines, one aerial ladder, and a paramedic. Two of these engines are from Tiverton, one is Bampton, one of Cullompton, and the aerial ladder is from Exeter. The paramedic on the scene is there in case of medical emergencies, but according to the fire department’s spokesperson, everyone got out safely and all persons are accounted for.

Upon arriving, the crew confirmed the suspicion that the fire started from the ground floor. The apartment was a row of houses with terraces, and the whole building consisted of three floors. The fire worked its way from the ground floor, going to the first, and finally making it to the roof. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service had issued a statement saying that the crew had successfully stopped the spreading of the fire.

They narrated how some of the crew that had breathing apparatus on stormed the building and managed to put out the fire and keep it from spreading. There is no need to worry because everything is now under control. They, however, are still staying in the area to make sure that the hot spots in the property and the roof are properly dealt with.

As for what started the fire, it is still unclear. However, fire crews have now started an official investigation to find out what exactly caused the fire in the property.

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