University of Exeter Students Suspended for Breaking COVID-19 Regulations

University of Exeter Students Suspended for Breaking COVID-19 Regulations

The University of Exeter has confirmed having suspected some students for breaking rules on COVID-19. This comes after vice-chancellors throughout the country do a crack down on breaches of the regulation following an infection surge in the country.

The suspension follows an incident where the police had to breakup two large parties that took place in the University over the weekend. A large group of students were removed from halls of residence on St German’s Road by the University Security on Sunday. The police were also called to two small gatherings of students on Friday.

The campus has been identified as a COVID-19 hotspot, with more than 300 confirmed cases of the virus. According to the University of Exeter spokesperson, it’s a requirement that students abide by the safe community charter. The spokesperson went ahead to say that majority of the students have behaved well, but action is taken against those who don’t.

He also said that the University has already suspended students for cases of COVID-19 breaches, adding that action will begin by giving caution and imposing fines. However, suspensions and expulsions will follow for serious breaches.

Last month, the University held an outdoor cinema event which attracted large a group of students. The students were seen flocking close together. However, the University said that most of the students were appropriately socially distanced. This prompted the University to cancel the next night film showing.

The university spokesperson apologized to students who had adhered to the COVID-19 regulations and those who were concerned about the poor social distancing. The spokesperson went on to say that they are finding the right balance between following the government guidance and supporting student activities.

Deputy Director of Health Protection at Public Health England South West, Mike Wade, said that there have been over 493 cases in every 100,000 people in the South West. Mr. Wade has said that scientists predict that the cases in UK are likely to double between 8 and 16 days. Therefore, he has urged people to take the second wave a bit more seriously.



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