United Yeovil FC and Bridgewater Football Club are Teaming Up to Support the Unity Campaign

United Yeovil FC and Bridgewater Football Club are Teaming Up to Support the Unity Campaign
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The Bridgewater Football Club has been partnering with United Yeovil FC to undergo fifty marathons within twenty-four hours while aiming to raise funds. These funds are to be donated to three charities in their town. Both football clubs are organised by Adam Murry who was the co-owner of Bournemouth AFC and the one who saved Town Yeovil Ladies from their financial constraints last July 2019.

Also, Adam Murry has already been in charge of Bridgewater Town. 

Yesterday, there was news announcing that there had been an agreement in regards to purchasing a Pak Fairfax from the District Council in Sedgemoor. Well, the said football club has agreed to purchase the stadium. However, the ban on the most basic football training and fixtures during the nation’s lockdown automatically means that Yeovil players and Bridgewater Town currently cannot train or compete together.

It was said that their training was deemed as not a “priority” yet; not much enough for the authorities to allow them during a lockdown. But, these restrictions can’t stop them from challenging themselves to help those people who need their resources the most. Someone from Bridgewater Town club said that during the toughest times of their community, the most famous football clubs in town are still looking forward to supporting each other’s needs.

That is why the Yeovil Football Club and the Bridgewater Football Club have finally worked together to achieve the desired amount of funds given to local charitable organizations within Bridgewater. It was said that the campaign is a mission to finance and support their community by targeting to raise an amount of £10,000.

The two football clubs will achieve this amount through the 50 marathons per day or the “Fifty for Bridgy” special event. One of the team’s members also said that the football clubs would surely give all the raised money to the worthy causes that provide exceptional care to society’s most vulnerable people.

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